Recent Cues: “I’m Surprised You Didn’t Know”

in Music, Uncategorized by on December 9th, 2009
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New Track: “Tiny Bit Of Foam”

in Music, Pop by on September 2nd, 2006

Brief grooving bit of of house music. Atmosphere, Trilogy, Alesis Andromeda, RealGuitar, B4II, Stylus RMX.

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New Track: “The Thousand Emptying Spins”

in Electronic, Music by on December 14th, 2005

Abstract structure, mysterio feel. Atmosphere, Cwejman S1 Mk2, EWQL SO Gold Pro XP, Colossus, RA, Cameleon 5000, Kontakt, Reaktor, RD700. Yes, all of those.

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New Track: “Tywodfryn Ffynidwydden”

in Electronic, Music, Orchestral by on November 12th, 2005

img_dune_pineVery slow and ambient. Blend of electronic, orchestral, and choral. Cameleon 5000, EWQL Symphonic Choirs, EWQL SO, Atmosphere, Trilogy, MX4.

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New Track: “Doepfer Morphing Chords”

in Electronic, Music by on April 24th, 2004

Cycles from major –> relative minor –> major.  Doepfer modular.

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New Track: “Vogelscheiss 11″

in Electronic, Featured, Music by on July 3rd, 2003

All Alesis Andromeda using linear FM.

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New Track: “Vogelscheiss 2″

in Electronic, Music by on February 3rd, 2001

Atmospheric retro-sci-fi Doepfer, occasional melody on A6. Echo on Electrix MoFX, additional filtering with Electrix FilterFactory.  This track was used in Chris Romero’s film “Patch”.

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