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Score for Michael Roud’s film “Black Cadillac”

Completed the score for Michael Roud’s film “Black Cadillac,” a really fun movie that let me create music in the style of  classic westerns.  The film features gorgeous cinematography by Adam Bricker and editing by James Coblentz.
Will link to the film’s website as soon as it’s up.

My symphony is up on iTunes!

Click the image at left to access the Symphony at the iTunes store.

Symphony #1 Completed

Strongly emotive full-scale symphonic work in 5 movements, 61 mins.:

Movt. 1: Largo lacrimoso
Movt. 2: Scherzando – Presto agitato con fuoco
Movt. 3: Andante cantibile – Allegro
Movt. 4: Scherzo
Movt 5: Adagio grandioso – Andante luttoso – Allegro con brio

The symphony is on a grand scale, more than leaning toward the heroic, featuring enlarged percussion and brass sections [...]

New Track: “In Paradisium”
War Of The Dead

Currently scoring a series of video episodes titled Z.E.R.O.: War of the Dead, following the adventures of a ragtag paramilitary team of zombie-hunters. The series is produced by Spherewerx Media in association with Fangoria TV.
See a clip here:
Hear my theme music for the series:

New Track: “Special Tabloid Violence”

Quick and jazzy.  Kick Ass Brass, EWQL Colossus, EWQL Symphonic Orchestra XP Pro, Stylus RMX, Atmosphere, Trilogy, Reaktor 5.

CFDA Womenswear Designer Of The Year Film

I recently had the privilege of providing music for The 2006 CFDA Womenswear Designer of the Year Film, which is now available for download as a podcast from iTunes.
The film was played on Monday, June 5th, 2006 in New York as part of the awards ceremony – often called “The Oscars of Fashion” – which [...]

New Track: “Unless It Rains Skunks”

In the words of Mike Rubens: “Beatles-esque, cheerful, the kind of music that might be playing while a smiling character is lobotomized.” RealGuitar, Kick Ass Brass, Colossus, Trilogy, Stylus RMX. Production style influenced by Jon Brion.

New Track: “Sudden Archipelagos” For String Sextet

Zippy piece for string sextet – two violins, two violas, cello, and double bass. In four quick sections, named here for no good reason at all in Italian: Allegro, Adagio sentito, Allegro capriccioso, Allegro ritornello.  Mostly EWQL SO Gold XP Pro, fast runs in the middle done using Synful Orchestra.

Ol-l-l-l-l-ld Track: “Little Ranch House Of Funk”

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logo_vogelscheiss_historicBlast from the past. A 1990 oldie but goodie recently digitized from cassette. Played and whistled direct onto a 4-track Tascam Porta One in my wee rented room uptown. Roland RD-300 piano, Roland JX-8P bass, Art ProVerb, HR-16 drum machine, and me whistling into the mic that came with the Portastudio.

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