About Chuck

img_blogChuck Graef lives in Los Angeles, a recent transplant from NYC, where he arrived in the early 80s to study English Literature at Columbia University and took root for 27 years.  After graduating, he was hired by the Estate of Robert Mapplethorpe to write an essay on press coverage of the controversies surrounding Mapplethorpe’s traveling exhibition “The Perfect Moment.” During the 90s he worked as a conceptual audio/video/sculpture artist and playwright/director in downtown New York. He studied composition privately with Deniz Hughes, a classical composer and orchestrator of numerous big-budget Hollywood films, including “Interview With The Vampire,” “Sphere,” and “S.W.A.T.”

Chuck’s recent work includes films for Calvin Klein, The Travel Channel, and the video series “Z.E.R.O.: War Of The Dead,” and he recently completed his “Symphony #1,” an hour-long work for symphony orchestra.

Chuck lives a few blocks from the front gates of Paramount Pictures with his wife Edie and their orange cat Karl.  (He also maintains a more “pro” website at chuckgraef.com, and for fun, a photoblog at photos.chuckgraef.com.)

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