Symphony #1 Completed
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January 15th, 2009 / 6pm
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Symphony #1 Completed

Strongly emotive full-scale symphonic work in 5 movements, 61 mins.:

  1. Movt. 1: Largo lacrimoso
  2. Movt. 2: Scherzando – Presto agitato con fuoco
  3. Movt. 3: Andante cantibile – Allegro
  4. Movt. 4: Scherzo
  5. Movt 5: Adagio grandioso – Andante luttoso – Allegro con brio

The symphony is on a grand scale, more than leaning toward the heroic, featuring enlarged percussion and brass sections and piano.

The Scherzo is the symphony’s light comic relief, and can function by itself as a standalone piece.  Hear it below (two other clips can be heard here and here):

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