“Black Cadillac” premieres at the LA Shorts Fest on Monday, July 25th at 7:30pm

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“Black Cadillac,” a film by Michael Roud, scored by me, premieres at the LA Shorts Fest on Monday, June 25th at 7:30pm at the Laemmle Sunset 5 Theaters located at 8000 Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood CA 90046.

I had a great time working with Michael and scoring this very fun film. Congrats, Michael!

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Score for Michael Roud’s film “Black Cadillac”

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a056_c003_0329vb_00646Completed the score for Michael Roud’s film “Black Cadillac,” a really fun movie that let me create music in the style of  classic westerns.  The film features gorgeous cinematography by Adam Bricker and editing by James Coblentz.

Will link to the film’s website as soon as it’s up.

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My symphony is up on iTunes!

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2010-0418-symph-1-album-cover2 Click the image at left to access the Symphony at the iTunes store.

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Like Borodin On Acid

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Alexander Borodin

Had my symphony described to me as being “like Borodin on acid.”  “What was that?  It was like Borodin on acid.” I like that.  Who wouldn’t like that?


A chemical which, if ingested by Borodin's music, could conceivably alter said music in such a manner that it thereafter sounded something like my symphony, according to the referenced source.

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Excerpt from Symphony #1, Movt. 5

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Here’s an excerpt from Symphony #1, Movt. 5.  This excerpt begins about 13 minutes into the movement.

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Excerpt from Symphony #1, Movt. 3

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Here’s an excerpt from Symphony #1, Movt. 3.  This excerpt begins about 4 minutes into the movement.

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Symphony #1 Completed

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Strongly emotive full-scale symphonic work in 5 movements, 61 mins.:

  1. Movt. 1: Largo lacrimoso
  2. Movt. 2: Scherzando – Presto agitato con fuoco
  3. Movt. 3: Andante cantibile – Allegro
  4. Movt. 4: Scherzo
  5. Movt 5: Adagio grandioso – Andante luttoso – Allegro con brio

The symphony is on a grand scale, more than leaning toward the heroic, featuring enlarged percussion and brass sections and piano.

The Scherzo is the symphony’s light comic relief, and can function by itself as a standalone piece.  Hear it below (two other clips can be heard here and here):

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New Track: “In Paradisium”

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War Of The Dead

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Currently scoring a series of video episodes titled Z.E.R.O.: War of the Dead, following the adventures of a ragtag paramilitary team of zombie-hunters. The series is produced by Spherewerx Media in association with Fangoria TV.

See a clip here:

Hear my theme music for the series:

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Calvin Klein Film

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img_ckCompleted music for a film produced by Calvin Klein to showcase its Spring 2007 womenswear collection designed by CFDA Designer Of The Year, Francisco Costa.  Over the fall, the film is being screened in Paris, Milan, and other european cities, as well as at the CK Summit in Shanghai.  Chris Romero directed.

Sample below:

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